Ready to take the big plunge and purchase that new pressure washer you’ve had your eyes on for the last several months? Pressure washing is flat out one of the best and most effective ways to do some serious cleaning. The secret’s been out of the bag for a while now, so why wait any longer? As you get started with your new pressure washer, read on for a few basics of pressure washing that can really help.

It’s not unusual for aspiring power washers to find themselves in a dilemma over which pressure washing equipment to buy. And with such a variety to choose from, from small portable electric pressure washers to super powerful gasoline engine powered high pressure washing gear, choosing which unit to buy can understandably be a difficult decision!

Do-it-yourselfers who plan on doing only occasional pressure washing around the house usually choose smaller, electric models for the ease of use and lower initial cost of getting started. However, frequent users of the equipment and those that will be using the pressure washing gear for commercial purposes find that they need the extra power that only gas pressure washers provide. The gas-powered gear is more expensive, but is also more durable in the long run.

One rule of thumb when choosing the right level of equipment is to step up one model from the pressure washer that would otherwise seem ideal for the job. Following this strategy affords a little bit of insurance that the pressure washer will be able to handle any bigger jobs that might come up in the future, while keeping the actually price down to a reasonable minimum at the same time.

Really being prepared for the job at hand and being able to complete it as effectively and efficiently as possible is also important to keep in mind. This means choosing pressure washers that feature plenty of accessorizing options. Pressure washing accessories such as power brushes, different spray pattern wands, and inline solution or soap injectors are an integral part of any pressure washer’s arsenal. Do be sure to pick a model that allows for expansion.

Now just one more thing when it comes to getting started with pressure washing – don’t get carried away! You’ll quickly figure out that using a little pressure can really go quite a long way. Until completely familiar with the sheer power of water and air that your new pressure washer pumps out, keep it set low. Ramp it up only once you know what it’s capable of doing.

Pressure washing is a fantastic way to handle even the toughest heavy duty cleaning tasks. Hopefully, understanding the basics of pressure washing before beginning will help you get started as smoothly as possible!