Battery Acid and Rust Stain Removal

Fertilizer Rust Stain


Rust Stains, Fertilizer Rust Stains, Irrigation Rust Stains, Metal Furniture Rust Stains and Battery Acid Stains can ruin an otherwise perfect looking home. Rust Stains and other types of stains can be just about impossible to remove without damaging the surface that they are on, especially Concrete, unless you have the proper cleaning agents that are not only safe for the surface but actually work. There are a lot of chemicals sold at hardware stores and to contractors that not only do not work but actually cause damage to the surfaces they are applied to and in a lot of cases, make the rust stains worse than they were before trying to clean them.

Fertilizer Rust Stain Removal


One thing many people and uneducated contractors will mention to use is Muriatic Acid, it is commonly available and for some unknown reason is widely used even though it literally eats the concrete surface it is applied to and it is very dangerous to use, especially if you don’t have experience using this very strong acid, don’t wear safety glasses, gloves, and chemical resistant clothing when using it.

This is the one thing that people should know about Muriatic Acid, it eats the concrete away, it does not clean the concrete and in some cases, it makes the stain a lot worse than what it originally was because it does not clean the surface, it eats the surface of the concrete away.

When you have metal furniture, bbq pits, metal sculptures and other metal sitting on concrete they will eventually rust and leave metal rust stains that will be very hard to remove but can be removed safely by using the proper cleaning agent and proper cleaning methods. Professional grade rust cleaners are available but not usually in the hardware stores and not sold to homeowners, only professional contractors as they have experience with these types of cleaning agents as they are sometimes hazardous but safe when used as directed.

When you spread fertilizer onto your yard, sometimes there is fertilizer that is left on the sidewalks and driveway (overspray) that you might not notice when you are done and when left there will cause lots of little rust stains all over the place and are very hard to remove. These are harder to remove than the metal furniture rust stains and require stronger chemicals to do the job.

When you have an irrigation system or use well water for watering your yard and garden, sometimes you will have the rust stains that are on the side of your house, fence, driveway, sidewalk, etc…. that will look like a light to dark orange paint on the surface. These can be removed but do not require the strongest chemicals as some of the other types of rust stains require to clean. Most of the time there is no permanent damage under the rust stains but there can always be a first time, especially if the wrong cleaning agents are used, they can cause the stain to become permanent into the surface and harder to remove.

Battery Acid Rust Stain Removal


One of the last types of rust stains is the Battery Acid rust stain. This is not actually a rust stain but a stain from the battery acid from Golf Carts, automobiles, lawn equipment, etc…. It almost looks just like a regular rust stain but there is no metal furniture there and no fertilizing done on that spot. These stains are very common for Golf Carts as those batteries leak over time, or the acid is spilled when adding water to the batteries when the water level is low and is overfilled. These are the hardest types of stains to clean as it is caused by the acid from the battery. Over time there are more and more stains on the concrete and if you don’t know what is causing them, it leaves you wondering what is happening there. Now you know.

Until recently there have not been a lot of rust removal chemicals that worked for different types of rust stains so you had to keep many on hand for the different cleaning situations which makes the cleaning job more expensive to do since there is not one cleaning solution that will do all types of rust stains.

Now there is a cleaning solution that will clean more types of stains on concrete so that helps a lot but the best part is that this new cleaning solution will remove the battery acid rust stain which has been just about impossible to remove, even with the best types and strongest cleaners available for professional contractors. This is great news for the people that have those types of stains from the golf cars, lawn equipment and automobiles.

Battery Acid Rust Stain Removal


I have had some customers ask why the rust stain removal cost more than just pressure washing and the reason is because those rust stain cleaning solutions are specialty chemicals that have to be ordered from out of state and the shipping charges are very expensive due to the nature of the chemicals. On top of the shipping charges are hazmat fees so the shipping can be about as expensive as the actual product in many cases. But when used properly, it is no more harmful than putting gas in your car and Superior has the training to do just that.

When you are just pressure washing you are using water, equipment and labor but with rust stain removal you are using water, equipment, labor and specialty chemicals to remove the rust stains. Pressure washing by itself will not remove most stains in surfaces such as concrete, you need the right cleaning solution or detergents to remove the stains.

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