Free Roof Cleaning Report

What Most Homeowners don’t know, What a lot of Roofing Companies Might know but Don’t want to tell you and What could cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t take care of the problem.

When you look at your roof and you see black stuff all over it, whether it is only 7 years old or 15 chances are you are looking at a roof funus/algae called Gloeocapsa Magma. This is an airborne algae/fungus. It travels through the air and lands on your roof and starts to grow and grow. When you look at roofs after a rain, the algae looks shiny and it really stands out. Like a plant, it is getting watered, time to grow more. This algae feeds on the limestone that is in asphalt shingles and has a pretty good supply with your roof.

Also when it rains, the roof vents on your home are usually made out of galvanized metal containing Zinc which is harmful to the algae. Look below the vents, it is clean right below the vents but the algae is closing the gap. Some have tried the Zinc Strips but they only work for a foot or two and over time they get dirty and soon moss, lichen and algae grow on them too. With this algae up on your roof, your roof is not able to perform one of the jobs it is there to perform which is to reflect the radiant heat from the sun off the roof. When the roof is covered by the algae, the heat is not reflected back off the roof and is trapped into the attic.The only solution is to have your roof Professionally cleaned.

We are a Professional Pressure Cleaning Company but are unique in many ways. We only use the pressure needed for the job. We utilize variable pressure, variable temperatures and variable flow to achieve greater cleaning possiblities. We offer Low-Pressure Roof Cleaning but only to the Specifications of the Roof Manufacturers. You will never see us up on your roof blasting the granules off the shingles or using hazardous chemicals that are unsafe for your roof, your family or your pets. We offer something that a lot of companies will not, that is a Free Evaluation to your property. We will tell you the condition of your property and let you know if it is in your best interest in having your property cleaned or if it should be replaced. We believe in only operating with honesty and integrity, the way it should be done in business. This way you will be able to make an informed and intelligent decision.

Have you ever wondered why so many people are replacing their roofs? Are they all leaking? Are they wearing out? Are they being replaced just because they are dirty? It makes you wonder sometimes. After talking to a lot of customers, I found out in some areas people are replacing their roofs without having leaks, they are just tired of how they look and were told that they can’t be cleaned. Who would be telling them that? Maybe people selling roofs? Think about your car, if it was dirty, would you take it to be re-painted? NO. You wash it with safe detergents. You don’t need a lot of pressure because too much could take off paint. This is similar to what we will do to clean your roof. Use only Low-Pressure Methods, Use only recommended cleaners and gently rinse. That is all, That simple.

There are companies out there trying to sell you a new roof when you don’t need one. When asked what the black stuff is up on your roof, some companies just don’t know or will make up things to try to scare you into buying a new roof. Some of the reasons they will give you for selling you a new roof are things like those are water stains which will soon leak into your ceiling in the home and that the granules have worn off the asphalt so that is why the roof is black in some areas. Some contractors are learning that it is the algae and can be cleaned but just want to sell a roof, not clean it. Some will tell you that it can’t be cleaned because pressure washing will blast the granules off the house. Using pressure on the roof will blast the granules off and drastically reduce the life of the roof. We only use the approved Low-Pressure Methods and the right cleaners as recommeded by the manufacturers. We safely clean the roof of the algae without damage.

Shingle Manufacturers Recommend Roof Cleaning by Professionals
The larger roof manufacturers and associations such as ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association), GAF, and Owens Corning recommend ONLY Low-Pressure cleaning methods which include Low Pressure application of cleaners approved by them and a Low Pressure rinse. We only use their recommended methods and cleaners to safely clean your roof without damage. When your roof is infested with the algae and it is still in good shape, we can safely remove it and help you get more life out of your roof and save your money by not replacing the roof.

What signs to look for when shingles need to be replaced.
We will not clean roofs that are not structurally sound, look like they need to be replaced or if the roof shingles are beyond cleaning. Here are some of the things to look for when it is time to replace your roof when it is not leaking:

  • Large amount of shingle granules in your rain gutters
  • Shingles looking very thin or falling off the roof.
  • Shingles deteriorating or crumbling.
  • Shingles warping or wavy looking.
  • Corners or edges of shingles curling up
  • Shingles failing the finger test.

Since you might not know what to look for when evaluating if it is just dirty or if it really needs to be replaced, feel free to call us for a No Charge, Free Evaluation and we will let you know if it is in good enough shape to be Professionally Cleaned or if it needs to be replaced by a qualified contractor. We would really like to save you time and money by cleaning your roof instead of having to replace it, especially if it is just dirty. We will give you an Honest assessment and let you know if cleaning will bring back the great looking roof underneath the fungus or if the roof is in such disrepair that it needs to be replaced.